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From time immemorial (ok, 1966), the Nameless has been run by a group of enthusiastic volunteers. Originally founded by a group of Harvard students, the volunteers are the lifeblood of the Nameless. They are the reason that so much great music and entertainment has been presented in this venue in the heart of Harvard Square, many of whom have or have gone on to successful careers in music and other facets of the entertainment business. 


The commitment is minimal but crucial. We need volunteers for the following:


- publicity and promotions, including social media

- sound (the Nameless has its own system, though we're open to having someone bring in their own/augment the existing one) + lighting

- day-of volunteers (setting up, door person, clean up, artist liaison, etc)

- per-show manager

- refreshments (TBD)


If you're interested in volunteering, please contact We guarantee a good time, and your energy and input are invaluable!


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