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Nameless Vintage Posters

We recently uncovered from our vaults (eg the cavernous basement at 3 Church Street) several vintage Nameless coffee cup posters. These are the original posters printed in the early 80s, featuring the lovely faces of Jeannie Stahl, Mason Daring, Betsy Rose, Guy Van Duser, and Stephen Baird. The cup says "The Nameless Coffeehouse - New England's oldest free coffeehouse", and the bottom says "Where the Nameless became famous, Friday and Saturday nights, 7:30-12:00pm, 3 Church Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge, 864-1630*"


These posters are, amazingly, in pristine, like-new condition, because they are in their original packaging. They measure 17" wide x 22" high, are on glossy paper, and are ready for framing or hanging.


We are offering these posters for sale, so that you can have an original memento of this venue, and simultaneously help keep the Nameless going. They will also be available at shows.


Cost: $10 each + $9.00 shipping (this covers tube and postage)


Get yours today!


*this number is no longer used

the original hand-drawn sketch for the poster

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